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HHVAT’s Photolithography Lab (PLL) is approved by the Indian Space Research Organisation for the production of Flight Mode components. HHV develops and produces metallized and patterned alumina substrates for space and defence applications. The PLL Lab produces multi-layer metallization using Chromium, Copper, Gold, Nickel, TiW, Pt and NiCr. The Photolithography Lab produces various types of circuits with multi-layers of metallization for different frequencies. HHVAT’s PLL is equipped with a laser writer for mask fabrication, UV exposure systems, an etching room containing a chemical wet bench, dicing machines to cut the metallized substrates to required sizes and high performance microscopes and profile projectors for inspection and measurement of the patterned substrates. HHVAT’s Photolithography Lab has ISO 7, ISO 8 clean rooms and ISO 5 laminar flow stations that allow us to achieve resolutions of up to 40 microns.

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