Thin Films & Optics


EMI Shielding

HHVAT specializes in offering EMI shielding coatings on metallized plastic enclosures with complex geometries with custom coatings based on the required frequency and shielding effectiveness. HHVAT also offers transparent EMI shielding coatings on glass and plastic substrates by depositing transparent conducting oxides such as ITO or AZO films that have high transmission in the visible range.

  • Features:

    ● Substrate: Glass, Plastic● Dimension: Up to 1 meter● Durability: MIL-STD-810F● Additional: Custom requirements for resistance and
    coating thickness upon request

  • Applications:

    ● Smoke and fire sensors for industrial purposes● Communication equipment and displays for Defence● Ultrasound sensors for medical equipment● Cockpit windshield for Aerospace