Thin Films & Optics


Glass and Aluminium Reflectors

HHVAT is the world’s largest manufacturer of UV reflectors. UV reflectors direct UV light on to substrates that are being cured. They play a critical role in UV curing systems by enhancing the efficiency of the curing process. HHVAT coatings ensure higher output and lower energy consumption and are available in spherical and elliptical profiles.

  • Features:

    ● Substrate: Borosilicate Glass, Quartz, Stainless Steel, Aluminium● Dimension: Lengths up to 1200 mm● Durability: MIL-C-48497A

  • Applications:

    ● Drying and curing inks for label printing● Adhesion reduction of semiconductor dicing tape● Curing optically clear adhesives in LCD panels● Curing varnishes and paints to process wood● Curing conformal coatings on electronic components● Curing adhesives for mobile phone components