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Night Vision Optics


HHVAT offers a variety of coatings for Night Vision Devices (NVD) on silicon and germanium. A high efficiency and high durability anti- reflection coating is coupled with a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating to provide superior transmission and hardness. 

Periscope Prisms


Periscope prisms consist of ITO coated heater plates that are laminated with a prism through an autoclave process for sealing and encapsulation. The entire assembly is bullet-proof and chemically inert.

Transparent Heaters


Transparent heaters are substrates coated with transparent and electrically conductive ITO coatings. ITO coatings can be applied on glass, plastics such as acrylic and polycarbonate and flexible substrates such as PET and Kapton.

AR Coated Zinc Sulphide Domes


HHVAT has in-house facilities to fabricate ZnS domes. These domes are coated with a high durability anti-reflection coating suitable for the LWIR and MWIR regions with transmittance of more than 92%. 

Titanium Scan Mirror


Scan mirrors offered by HHV, possess lightweight, stiffness, strength and higher reflectivity in the required wavelength. Scan mirrors work by recording the time of firing and receiving pulses to map topographical features.