Thin Films & Optics


Hybrid Micro Circuits

HHVAT’s thin film metallization process is carried out through magnetron sputtering. The deposited metal layers show superior adhesion, structural and electrical properties in comparison to non-vacuum methods. All the metal layers are deposited in a single cycle without breaking the vacuum process. Subsequent to the metallization, the substrates are patterned in an in-house photolithography facility and can achieve resolutions of 1 micron on photomasks and producing patterns with 40 micron line widths.

  • Features:

    ● Substrate: Alumina, Zirconia, Aluminium Nitride● Dimension: Up to 2 by 2 inches ● Durability: Qualified for Space applications● Additional: Custom patterns and metallization schemes

  • Applications:

    ● RF/Microwave integrated circuits● Hybrid Micro Circuits● SAW devices, RADAR● Thin film resistors● Reticles