Thin Films & Optics

Hybrid Micro Circuits


HHVAT’s thin film metallization process is carried out through magnetron sputtering. With our in-house direct laser writing facility, we can achieve resolutions of 1 micron on photomasks and our lithography facility is capable of producing patterns with 40 micron line widths.

Black Absorber Coating


HHVAT’s black absorber coatings are developed using an optimal design of multiple metal-dielectric layers on stainless steel substrates. These coatings are hard and adherent and have an average reflectance of less than 1% in the visible range. They are widely used in space applications. 



Reticles are optics designed for eyepieces of an imaging system that superimposes either a crosshair or concentric circle pattern on the imaged object. HHV has the complete lithography facility to make reticles with 1 micron line accuracy.