Thin Films & Optics



Reticles are optics designed for inserting into eyepieces of an imaging system that superimposes either a crosshair or concentric circle pattern on the imaged object. The reticle pattern provides a reference location and allows the imaged object to be centered. HHV has a complete lithography facility to make reticles with either chrome patterns or etch and fill technology. HHVAT's facility is equipped with laser writers, etching stations, Laurell Spin coaters and SUSS MJB3 UV exposure systems. 

  • Features:

    ● Substrate: Borofloat, BK7 and UVFS glass substrates● Dimension: Up to diameter 50mm ● Patterns: Positive, negative crosshair, Concentric circles● Line Resolution: 10±2µm

  • Applications:

    ● Rifle scopes
    ● Range finders
    ● Surveillance instruments
    ● Optical encoders
    ● Stage micrometers