Thin Film Equipment

Bench Top Series

BT 150, BT 300


BT coaters are perfect to deposit conductive coatings for sample preparation for electron microscopy imaging. A fully automated user-interface provides single touch deposition capability from a range of pre-programmable recipes. 

Auto Series

Auto 306, Auto 500


The Auto series platform offers compact, economical and rugged solutions suitable for multiple process applications. HHVAT offers a wide range of modular process accessories for numerous research applications. 

Smart Coat Series

Smart Coat 3.0


The Smart Coat Series are ideal entry level solutions for budding researchers. The platform provides cost-effective solutions for a range of PVD processes using thermal resistance sources, glow discharge cleaning, electron beam sources, effusion cells, or magnetron sputtering sources.

ALD Series

ALD 150


Fully-automated stand alone thermal atomic layer deposition (ALD) system can deposit pin-hole films with extreme surface conformity. The system can accommodate wafer sizes of up to 6 inches in diameter and a gas manifold for up to six precursor lines.

SAARA Series



The SAARA platform is made of superior performance single block aluminium chamber to deposit electronic and optical coatings of the highest quality. The SAARA platform comes with a load-lock chamber, automated substrate transfer mechanism and a touch-screen PC with complete process automation.

Reactive Ion Etching Series

IE 150


Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) uses physical and chemical processes to etch away materials from surface of samples. In RIE, a glow discharge plasma is formed between two electrodes. This process is extensively used for fabrication of high performance nano and micro scale devices.

Cluster Tool Series

CT 100, CT 150


The CT series combines multiple PVD and CVD process capabilities in the same run to fabricate multilayer stacks and device architectures. Each module can be configured individually and also be extended for future expansions.